The Free Battistists

The Free Battistists are:

  • Guitar – Licentia Morum
  • Piano/Accordion – Dr Gorgoraptor
  • Electronics – R Spina

The Free Battistists were formed in 2012 and they work as a duo (piano and guitar) and as trio (piano, guitar and electronics).

They follow an improvisational methodology, making every performance unique. Starting from an almost bare canvas, the Free Battistists are able to build up musical structures that draw from experimental free form jazz attitudes/roots while at the same time connecting them with the steady electronic pulse of computer generated/manipulated sound elements.

Their pool of references is vast: from tangerine dream-like german psychedelia, to late 20th century dance electronic music.

2015 – Three Battistists Recordings

flashing_new Listen to our recent recordings as a trio:


2013 – November Sessions

Download the full demo here The Free Battistists – November Sessions.

Other Links

Check out the Free Battistists on Soundcloud:

Check out Licentia Morum on Soundcloud:


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